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      1. Conveyancing
      2. Property Law
      3. Commercial &
          Retail Leasing
      4. Buying & Selling Business
      5. Liquor Licensing
      6. Negotiations &
          Business Agreement
Property & Business

1. Conveyancing (buying or selling property)

LSB Lawyers provides effective conveyancing advice before, during and after the exchange period to preserve your legal rights. We apply our extensive property law experience for securing title over your family residence, investment property or business requires determination from beginning to end.

Our staff has experience in all areas of commercial and domestic conveyancing including purchasing or selling a factory, home or office and can explain lengthy and complex documents to you simply and quickly.

2. Property Law

LSB lawyer’s property team has assisted a wide range of clients. Our clients rely on our industry knowledge and experience. Our expertise includes acquisitions and sales, development, project management, advice on planning and environment issues, structuring, stamp duty and tax.

We also have expertise in contract documentation, Sub-Divisions, advising on construction related disputes involving arbitration, litigation and mediation.

If you have an issue in relation to an environmental, developmental, building or planning dispute with Council or other body, we will apply to the Land & Environment Court to seek a review of a decision which has been made by Council or other body whom you wish to challenge.

3. Commercial & Retail Leasing

Leasing deals with a lease transaction for business or commercial purposes. If the document has not properly drafted and reviewed, party can be significantly disadvantaged. There are many areas to preparing a properly drafted lease including preparing lease disclosure statements; advising and preparing lease documents; verifying details in lease disclosure statements; advising on and negotiating amendments to lease documents. Knowing of the particular legislation will assist with the commercial negotiation of your lease and it will save your money. Further registration of leases ensures protection of the legal right to occupation.

4. Buying & Selling Business

The purchase or sale of a business is a complicated transaction. As a buyer or seller preparation for the transaction is critical from a due diligence, definition of rights, obligation and treatment of tax including GST. If the Vendor is a Company, the Purchaser may want to buy all of the shares in the Company and acquire the business in this way rather than purchase the business and it's assets. The value of the tangible assets, plus an estimated value of the intangible assets such as goodwill, usually determines the value of a business. Particular aspects to consider are intellectual property, guarantees, restrictive covenants, deferred consideration and warranties. There must also be consideration of the transfer of liabilities for staff entitlements such as superannuation and leave. If the business is a franchise or license arrangement, there will be other issues to consider including the terms of the contractual arrangements.

5. Liquor Licensing

The Liquor Act 2007 and the Liquor Regulation 2008 should be considered for obtaining Liquor Licence. These laws recognise the importance of minimising alcohol-related harm, and the social and cultural role played by responsible alcohol use.

As part of these laws, all those involved in the liquor industry should regulate and control the sale, supply and consumption of alcohol in a way that is consistent with the expectations, needs and aspirations of the community; facilitate the balanced development, in the public interest, of the liquor industry through a flexible and practical system of regulation with minimal formality and technicality; and contribute to the responsible development of related industries such as the live music, entertainment, tourism and hospitality industries.

There are six (6) types of liquor licences. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge in this Licensing and we promise to help enable a liquor licence to be issued for a range of business at your convenience under the Liquor Laws.

6. Negotiations & Business Agreement

When you are facing any kind of negotiation to enter into contracts, we will help you to negotiate the best terms for your business, and created a well-drafted agreement that will avoid any dispute or potential litigation. Whether your negotiation involves individuals or companies, we assure you that we will help you to achieve the ideal end result.


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